Step By Step How to connect to L2 Apoll®n server !


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Here is a step by step for how to connect to L2 Apoll®n server.

How to Register.

1) First of all we have to go to Create Master account . So we go to the Registration in our website or from here--> Master Account Register

2) And after go to login in the Master Account. When you login in to The Master Account then the options are displayed. : from the website: Master account in the right side of the page --> master.png Or from here--> Master account login ! In the master account when you

login from there you can create 4 different account for the game with the same email address , also you can change password etc.

Inside in the master account its look like this.. From there you creat your game acccount. When you creat it ... just log in :).

We finsh with the register .


Now how to fix your Client and System .

To make this set-up simple I ask that you download all files and move them into your Desktop. After you have the client working you can move the folder wherever you please.

1) Download the -> L2Apoll®n-Hi5-Client and the -> The System will be available few minutes before the opening.- Stay tuned :) 03/08/18 17:00gmt+3

2) Once the files have been downloaded, open them them with the LATEST version of WinRAR. Available here-> : Download WinRaR Free
(-If you have WinRar ingore this Step -)

a) depending on your OS you will select the 32 bit or 64 bit version of WinRAR For Windows XP users select the 32 bit version, if you are using Windows Vista, or Windows 7 select the 64 bit version.

3) After you have opened the "L2Apoll®n-Hi5-Client" and "System-Apoll®n" using winRAR extract the files to your desktop by either using the "Extract" option or simply drag-dropping them from the file browser onto your desktop.

4) Open the "L2Apoll®n-Hi5-Client" folder.

5) Move the folder "System-e" and drop it into your "L2Apoll®n-Hi5-Client" folder.

6) Now open the folder "System-e" and find the l2 .exe l2.png and double click.

7) Thats it ENJOYY!


**DO NOT USE PROGRAMS SUCH AS: adrenaline, L2Control, L2Ranger, L2Walker, L2Superman, L2Tower. You will have Auto KICK when you try to connect !

**Also Avast antivirus may creat you problems to login.

**Is good when you download the client - the sytem and the first run of the game to have close you antivirus.

**There are not any viruses in our patches, some antiviruses can show our protection as a virus,
this is not a virus, this is just files protection.**

Have Fun !
L2 Apoll®n Team
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Facebook page: L2 Apollon facebook page


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