Make useful tutorials Guides and get Reward!


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Are you too lazy to create a tutorial about a quest and help your friends? We can give you a hand.

Each tutorial you made can get rewarded !

You can get 5, 10 or 15 Coins of luck , depending on how good is your tutorial.

Send us an email with your tutorial ( Subject: tutorial <your quest> ) and deliver the reward to your character according to how we evaluated it and if your tutorial fulfill all the prerequisites.
Only useful tutorials will be rewarded and also we will post them in our forum !

Don't loose your time trying to get rewarded by making a thousand of trash tutorials.

Your tutorial must be understandable, useful to our server and about Lineage II.

A good and useful tutorial must have a nice formatting, language, screenshots also and videos if is possible.

Your tutorial can be only in English. You also can translate it to other languages. If you translate it to other languages, you'll be participating of the Translating promotion as well .

And of course, do not make tutorials that already exist.

Thanks - enjoy !

Have Fun !
L2 Apoll®n Team
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