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1. General Terms
1.1 This conference (in the future - Forum) is post, adding messages occurs at once, and their "moderation" - later, at the discretion of the moderators.
1.2 All messages express the views of their authors, and the administration doesn`t bear any responsibility for them.
1.3 For infringement rules of the forum you may receive the following penalties: warning; warning is brought in private case and / or temporary or permanent blocking user account on the forum. When extremely serious violations of gaming accounts, IP / subnet also may be temporarily or permanently blocked.
1.4 Warnings are entered in private case have a statute of limitations. With the accumulation of 5 warnings over the past 30 days account is blocked for 7 days.

2. The rights and obligations of the parties
2.1 Administration reserves the right to make any changes to the forum without prior notice.
2.2 Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for violating them. Confirm registration on the forum, you automatically agree with the rules and agree to comply with them.
2.3 All members should independently monitor the changes in the rules.
2.4 Forum administration no responsibility for any damage suffered as a result of being in this forum.
2.5 Administration isn`t responsible for temporary or permanent opportunity to visit the forum with a specific person or group of persons.
2.6 Administration has the right at any time without explanation terminate your access to the forum to a specific user or subnet as a whole.
2.7 Administration isn`t obligated to make return forum accounts, messages or any other information, lost users becouse any possible reason.
2.8 In case of malfunctions forum, administration shall take the necessary steps to improve its capacity in shortest possible time.
2.9 Responsibility takes owner of the user account, regardless of who committed actions under this account.
2.10 In case of violation in respect of user in any steps of this agreement by other players or GM's service user has the right to file a complaint, giving evidence of the violation (screenshots, links, etc.).
2.11 User unconditionally agrees that any texts, materials, photographs, art and other documents voluntarily published by the user on this forum, become the property of Administration and can be used by the Administration at its discretion in promotions, advertising companies, as well as creation design elements and design of any project or its partner projects without the consent of the User.
2.12 Accounts and all their contents are owned by Administration of the forum.

3. Interaction with the portal administration
3.1 It`s forbidden to contact the representatives of Administration unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration must contain a clear statement of the problem or question regarding the actual work on the forum. (Administration reserves the right don`t answer to the questions). It is forbidden annoy the representatives Administration (repeat a message more frequently than once every two days)
3.2 It`s forbidden disrespect, threats, pleas and arguments with representatives Administration.
3.3 It`s Prohibited to trick Administration.
3.4 Forbidden the publication any conversations, their content, with any representative of the administration, without prior permission.
3.5 It`s forbidden distribute any kind of rumors and slander about the portal and Administration.
3.6 At occurrence of controversial situations user has the right submit a complaint on the forum or email address, sure to provide evidence of violations (screenshots, videos, links, etc.).
3.7 Representatives of administration at the forum stand out the special colors and inscription Text: Portal Administration, Administration of the game server, Moderators.

4. Using Forum error (bugs)
4.1 It`s forbidden to use Forum bugs (bugs).
4.2 If you've found a new bug, report it to forum Administration through a new thread on the forum, via private message or email. Help in finding defects is encouraged.

5. Accounts
5.1 Prohibited the unauthorized access to someone else's account.
5.2 Prohibited names consisting of web addresses, offending other users containing vulgar language or use more than 70% in capital letters in long names. As well each word in the user account shouldn`t exceed 16 characters..
5.3 When creating account name, it`s mustn`t contains reserved words: GM, Administrator and the names that administration used previously, until today.
5.4 All rules that apply to messages that are also applicable to the profile, or any other, indicates to the user data.
5.5 User Signature mustn`t contain more than ten (10) lines and no more than 150 characters.

6. Creating themes (topics)
6.1 It`s forbidden create topics not related to the subject this chapter.
6.2 It`s forbidden to lift threads 1 month or more ago. To lift topics are allowed only on condition that you have a similar problem, or if the topic is still relevant.
6.3 It`s forbidden "lift" the theme by sending pointless messages (Up`s). In some sections of the uplift can be allowed by internal section rules.
6.4 It`s forbidden to create several similar posts / topics in several themes / sections (cross-posting).
6.5 It`s forbidden to create topics with any requests (direct and indirect, in view of the links, movies and other.) For help, not related to the theme of this forum. For example fundraiser for patients, collection of signatures, calls for the participation in the elections, voting for anyone, and the other.

7. Posting
7.1 It`s forbidden leaving messages that are not related to the subject (offtopic), do not carry any meaning (flood), overuse capital letters, excessive quoting, as well as the "forum War."
7.2 Categorically forbidden to use abusive language and abuse members. Screenshots or link to pages that contain obscene language, are regarded as a veiled abuse.
7.3 Forbidden any manifestation of threats towards forum users.
7.4 It`s forbidden send messages to violate the laws of the Russian Federation, is a manifestation of racism, nationalism, or relating to drug policy.
7.5 It`s forbidden advertising quick money on the Internet, posting messages containing referral links, or links to malicious programs.
7.6 It`s forbidden to post messages that contain an excessive amount of emoticons / images. Allowed to insert only small images (resolution up to 1024x768). If you want to insert more images, specify the reference.
7.7 It`s forbidden directly or indirectly promote other online games.
7.8 It`s forbidden directly or indirectly advertise sexual services and / or materials of erotic (pornographic) nature.
7.9 It`s forbidden to deliberate wrong, illiterate messages, tongue-tied (called "kaschenitskaya vocabulary", "udaffschina", "bastard-style" and others.), As well as slang ZhiZhistov (LiveJournal visitors). Game slang allowed in the relevant sections of the gameplay.
7.10 Forbidden publish any personal information without prior consent (photos, personal information, private correspondence, any kind of videos and etc.).
7.11 It`s forbidden to creation topics about purchase, sale or exchange different things / money searching, and offering services on any of the servers - for real money at any of the species. It`s forbidden to trade your game char / accounts.
7.12 It`s forbidden to impersonate administration or trustee administration.
7.13 It is forbidden breaking the rules of sections and subsections of the forum
7.14 It is forbidden to creation topics via messages with the process to benefit through use a bug / bugs / features.

8. Addition rules
8.1 These rules may be supplemented without notice.
8.2 In case that user committing the act, clearly injurious the forum, but not directly specified in the rules, Administration has the right to bear the punishment adequate to the act committed (up to delete user account), with possible subsequent amendments to the rules.
8.3 For repeated violation of the rules, the administration reserves the right to completely block your account.

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