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The best video , of the month will be awarded with up to +5 coin of luck ! (The prize may vary from 5 to 10 coin of luck accordingly to the videos quality.)
Create The video send the link or the video file to our email so we will check it ! If it is realy good video we will upload it in our youtube channel "l2Apollon" also.

How to create a video?

To create a video, firstly you must record in-game scenes. You can record lots of things, like PvP, battles, sieges, territory wars, etc. Use your creativity. To do so, you must use video recorders, like Fraps.

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After you finish editing, you must upload your video to Youtube or if you cant on youtube , try to send to us the video file or link in our email address to wach it !
In the email put tittle: "Best Video of the Month!"

How are analyzed the videos?

We will analyze the videos following some criteria, then give grades for each criterion, and thus constitute the video endnote .

Quality: Your video must have good quality. Must be lag-free. But be careful, though, you must balance quality with weight. Don't let it get too heavy.

Time: If your video is too long or have unnecessary scenes it gets boring and is closed even before people finish watching it. You must know which scenes you should take out of it to make it look good. Just so you know, it mustn't be short. It can have the maximum of 10 minutes, knowing it is funny or good to watch.

Creativity: This is an important factor. And is, sometimes, what makes your video the chosen one. There isn't much to be said here. Just let your mind go and have those awesome ideas no one has ever had.

Editing: The most important factor. Everything is based on editing. Good music, synchronism, special effects, story. Rendering, if it is heavy or not, choose the right format for it.

All these factors, analyzed separately and then together will tell us if your video is good or not. All videos will have a score. The one with the biggest, wins at the end of the month .

Have fun !!
L2 Apoll®n Team
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