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    system problem

    Hello , system is up.
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    Event TvT

    Join TvT event- Win and take rewards 1 -> Small Coin Of Luck! (10 small coin of luck is 1 coin of luck). Be Ready!!
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    Server 00/00/2019 Grand Opening

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    Login Problems.

    **DO NOT USE PROGRAMS SUCH AS: adrenaline, L2Control, L2Ranger, L2Walker, L2Superman, L2Tower. You will have Auto KICK when you try to connect ! Its our SGuard Preotection system. **Also Avast antivirus may creat you problems to login. ** Its Recommended to Download and use our Client . From...
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    Avast antivirus

    Many players who used avast antivirus they report us login proplem and disconnect from the game .We use SGuard program to secure our server from bot and Dos hack . Its recommen to dont use avast antivirus. Avast reduce pings and may our sguard program dont let you login . Also if you have open a...
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    Server Rules

    Rules are compulsory for all players will be enforced by Server Administration. Punishment for infringement of rules also determined by Administration, depending on the violation, up to complete ban players without possibility of amnesty. REMEMBER!!!You are responsible for the safety of your...
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    Forum Rules

    1. General Terms 1.1 This conference (in the future - Forum) is post, adding messages occurs at once, and their "moderation" - later, at the discretion of the moderators. 1.2 All messages express the views of their authors, and the administration doesn`t bear any responsibility for them. 1.3 For...
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    About Bug & probles in the server

    Our Server is prive l2 files java 99% working proper! Server is running as a test for more than 6 month . We work all day to check everything but ofcourse we cannot check them all . So if something is not working proper tell about this to us in our Email address :
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    Best Video of the Month!

    The best video , of the month will be awarded with up to +5 coin of luck ! (The prize may vary from 5 to 10 coin of luck accordingly to the videos quality.) Create The video send the link or the video file to our email so we will check it ! If it is realy good video we will upload it in our...
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    BonuS "Bring your Clan"!

    For the first month every week all the clan Leaders they will receive Presents-Bonus for there clan ! The only think the clan must be level 4 and higher and at least 7 real players ( we will check :) ). To make your clan level 4 here is the quest : Quest for level 4 clan . Just send us...